E-Learning Quick-Check

Please answer the questions below for an automatic quick check, which is based on our extensive experience gained from an array of projects with similar companies.

How many employees does your company have?

Is your company represented at more than one location through branches or sales partners?

Does your company operate internationally?

Does your company provide products and/or services requiring in-depth explanations?

How does your company distribute your products and/or services?
(multiple responses allowed)

Do you already provide classroom trainings for your trading/sales partners or your sales force?

Do you already offer (internal/external) classroom training opportunities to other employee groups, such as new staff?

Does your company currently operate their own intranet?

Do you currently operate your own web portal, which provides information for trading/sales partners?

How do you comply with the legal duties to supply information regarding occupational safety, data protection, environmental protection, equal treatment etc.?
(multiple responses allowed)

Which electronic documents do you currently use to explain the qualities of your products and/or services to your employees, trading partners or customers?
(multiple responses allowed)

Do your potential target groups which you estimate as relevant for online trainings, such as employees, trading/sales partners or customers, have web access at work?


Evaluation of your data

From your data given we are able to learn that the classical factors that are subject to this quick check at least currently do not promote the use of e-learning/online training measures at your company. Nevertheless, if you feel that it could be worth considering online trainings for your company due to your specific business model, of course we will be glad to assist you with an individual analysis as well as consultation. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

From your data given we find various indications that investing in e-learning/online training measures could be worthwhile pursuing.

From your data given we find numerous indications that investing in e-learning/online training measures seems extremely promising for your company. We can define a wide range of application possibilities which could potentially lead to synergy effects among each other.

Possible target groups for online training measures are trading/sales partners. Product and sales trainings can efficiently help optimize the sale of your products and/or services.

For an optimal performance, online training measures are combined with classroom trainings: While factual information is imparted through e-learning, during classroom trainings a special emphasis can be on interactive elements and “soft” factors. By means of repetitions, exams and surveys after or in between the different classroom trainings, online trainings can enhance their impact and sustainability. Online trainings can also help reduce costs by reducing the number of classroom trainings.

A corresponding online academy can be easily integrated into already existing information systems like your intranet and/or trading/distribution portal, in order to achieve adequate synergy effects. For additional information please visit our contact page.

When implementing the corresponding online trainings, your existing electronic documents can be included without any problems, ensuring the media- and climate-neutral reuse of the information units already produced.

In any case we recommend you to assess the corresponding application possibilities and to carry out a cost-benefit analysis. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

We will be glad to receive your inquiry so that, in the next step, together we can define the different application possibilities, and determine a corresponding strategy. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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