Diversity of industries and a broad range of topics

From automotive to tool manufacturing, from occupational safety to dentistry: We are at home in all kinds of industries and topics. Ultimately, it is not of importance at all if we are acquainted with your industry or have already created trainings similar to your case or topic.

Our customers often ask us how we are able to maintain the high quality level of our individual training content for such a broad range of industries and topics. Of course we have established a pool of excellent external specialized authors and partners that has grown over the years. The actual success secret, however, is the ability of our own authors and consultants to get acquainted with our customers’ businesses in a relatively short period of time and to gain excellent understanding.

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A typical case of application: E-learning as a marketing tool

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  • Product trainings
  • Process trainings
  • Sales trainings
  • Behavioral trainings
  • Surveys
  • Trade fair trainings
  • Scientific trainings
  • Software trainings


  • Web-based training
  • Training videos
  • Explanatory videos
  • Learning nuggets
  • Mobile learning apps / Mobile learning
  • One-pager as explorative format
  • Serious games and simulations
  • Virtual classroom
  • Blended Learning tools

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