X-CELL Datenschutz Trainingsprodukt
X-CELL Datenschutz Trainingsprodukt

Data Protection and Data Security

Data protection and data security are matters of ever-increasing importance for every organization. From May 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation will enter in force. The law demands that not just the experts in the respective departments but all employees having contact with sensitive data (today this is almost everyone) be regularly instructed based on this new basic regulation.

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Unfortunately, this topic is, at first, thought by many to be “dry”, “boring” and “uninteresting”. In practice, this is best shown in the example of the actual handling of passwords in contravention of existing rules.

It is exactly here that the X-CELL training unit, “Data Protection and Data Security”, puts your employees on the right track by conveying to them the practical relevance of this subject. This is communicated with the aid of clear, easy-to-understand examples and interactive learning situations. Despite the subject’s seriousness, this is also done in a humorous way.

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The following topics are dealt with in detail:

  • What are data? What are the different types of data?
  • Why do data need protecting?
  • What is the meaning of data security?
  • Where do the dangers lie for companies and for me personally?
  • What can I do to guarantee data protection and data security?

It is, of course, possible to adapt all training products according to the individual circumstances and requirements of your company.

Customers of X-CELL at a glance

What our customers say:

AcademyMaker provides everything we need for our training projects: Intuitive operation, multilingualism, automated communication with the participants and evaluation of the learning success. X-CELL has proven to be an excellent partner in the development of individual and interactive e-learning units. In addition, our complex content was implemented in a very attractive and clearly illustrated way.

Sonja Küber, International Training
ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH

Our wide range of requirements demanded a high-performance online training platform. X-CELL has so far definitely fulfilled our expectations. Consulting was flexible and helpful. The standard content as well as our own trainings could easily be integrated. The web-based access is an ideal solution for our employees at 32 locations. Due to AcademyMaker we made a big step forward!

Michael Bluth, Head of Internal Audit
Wellergruppe GmbH & Co. KG

The X-CELL team managed to quickly familiarize with the correlations of the transport and logistics industry. The topics are very complex and sometimes rather dry. That is why it is always impressive to see how creative content is actually implemented in the trainings. We have been working together for many years now.

Anja Marquardt, Corporate Business Competence Training Manager
Panalpina World Transport Ltd.

We chose X-CELL because we had been looking for a partner with a broad e-learning experience. Our decision was further reinforced by the uncomplicated cooperation, the solution-oriented approach and the short feedback time. In addition, our trainings have become significantly more interactive, and the broad use of audiovisual contents promotes a more exciting and diverse learning experience.

Dominik Wagner, Online Communications Professional
Canon Austria GmbH

Just like any other food-processing establishment, we are obligated to inform our employees about important topics like occupational safety and hygiene regulations. X-CELL training products are perfectly suited for this cause as they maintain a high level of motivation and learning success through interactive tasks and illustrative learning situations. In addition, the training products are customized according to our technical and content requirements. By now, we started creating training units ourselves, thanks to the intuitively usable software AcademyMaker. Many more are to follow!

Manuel Zapf, Head of Marketing
Bäcker Görtz GmbH

We greatly appreciate the close and uncomplicated cooperation with X-CELL as well as their high-quality training products: Even abstract topics are transformed into diverse and interactive e-learning units with the help of audio and video elements. AcademyMaker is a very reliable and easy-to-use system – a clear advantage when it comes to the international rollout of our trainings.

Stefan Heinz, Project Manager E-Learning
Gühring KG

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