Think global, act local: Development, hosting and support

Think global, act local. The motto of our entire value chain is “From Düsseldorf to the world”. Many companies are no longer present at regional offices only, but distribute elementary company functions internationally in order to achieve cost savings.

This might work perfectly fine with smartphones and clothing products but when it comes to outsourcing the software development to Bangalore, the support to Dublin and hosting to Seattle, our customers would notice right away that the quality of our products and services cannot be maintained at the current high level. This clearly does not promote compliance with stringent data protection and security laws either.

Workmanship made in Düsseldorf, Germany

At X-CELL, business consultants, educators, software developers, graphic designers, animation specialists, system administrators and many more come together at one single place of interdisciplinary exchange in order to offer you the best possible customer and user experience. As you can imagine, we are no particular friend of virtual enterprises and home office models either.

We make sure that our staff members have a defined place and feel comfortable with us, and that they ideally spend a major part of their occupational career in our company. The entire management team consisting of ten people has been working together more than 10 years as an average.

This might be seen as a rather conservative approach, but for our customers it is particularly beneficial:

  • Continuity of our support
  • Short decision-making channels
  • Minimum friction losses in communication and project management
  • Low error rate during software development and media production

All of these aspects need to be taken into account considering one of the most stringent data protection laws in the world. However, we are content expressing our progressive side by means of creative solutions and innovative concepts.

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