Why should you use e-learning in your company?

Employees are in need of relevant training opportunities which adequately respond to shortened product life cycles, the increasing demand for process compliance and to the growing competitive pressure. In the battle for the best talents, the training opportunities a company has to offer have become a relevant currency for the selection of a future job.

Classroom trainings are still crucial for further education and training but certainly no longer stand as the unchallenged method of choice due to the associated costs and project durations (i. e. How fast can all employees be trained on a specific subject?).

There are multiple reasons to use e-learning in your company:

Faster and more efficient training

Faster and more efficient training (e. g. meeting fluctuation demands)

Creation of opportunities

Creation of opportunities for target groups which in earlier times used to be hardly accessible for training offers (e. g. b and c customers, end customers, trading partners, etc.)

Conservation of natural resources

Conservation of natural resources and reduction of exhaust emissions (e. g. reduced paper consumption and CO2 emissions)

Increasing satisfaction of target groups

Increasing satisfaction of employees and other target groups

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