Technical data at a glance

Below you will find an overview of the technical features and system requirements of AcademyMaker. If you have any questions regarding the software, possible interfaces or the integration into your IT system, please contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your call or email.

System specifications

Software categories Purely web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS), consisting of an authoring system for the creation of e-learning units, SCORM-compatible Learning Management System (LMS) for the administration of e-learning projects and document management systems (DMS) as well as the add-on modules AcademyManager (management of classroom training sessions) and AcademyLive (management of webinars).
Software Architecture AcademyMaker is a web application in multi-layer architecture realized by using Java Enterprise Technologies and Struts-Framework of Apache. Therefore, a simple integration in heterogeneous systems and software environments is provided and – if necessary – can be easily extended by individual modules or AcademyMaker enhancements (e. g. interfaces for existing systems).
Integrated Products For some content management functionalities the HTML5-WYSIWYG CK Editor is used. The add-on module AcademyLive for provision of webinars is being deployed by the tool FastViewer.
Database The database is structured in a data file and the file system of the server. MySQL-DB (Version 5.1) is used as data file. The use of other database systems is possible. The MediaCenter (Document Management System) of AcademyMaker uses the file system of the server to store its folder and file structure on the hard drive.
Application Server Currently, JBoss Application server (version 6.1) is used.

System Requirements

Server Client
Hardware Common Dual Core CPU, 3 GHZ + at least 8 GB RAM main memory, recommended 12 GB + 100 GB Hard Drive (larger disc space possible) Common PC, MAC or tablet PC with internet/intranet access and a resolution of 1024x768 pixels or more
Software (operating system) Windows Server 2000/2003 or greater, DEBIAN based linux-distributions Microsoft Windows (XP/7/8), Linux, Apple Mac OS X, iOS, Android
Java Windows: Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.6
LINUX: Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.6
Database MySQL 5 (incl. storage unit InnoDB), Microsoft SQL Server version SQL Server 2,000 or greater
Application Server JBoss 6.1 (included in AcademyMaker)
Browser Internet Explorer: The current version* as well as two previous versions for a maximum of 24 months after the release date.
Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome: The current version* as well as the four direct previous versions for a maximum of 24 months after the release date. The direct predecessor version is also supported after 24 months.
iPad: The current iOS version* as well as the previous version.
Browser Plug-ins (optional) Flash Plugin to play embedded Flash files
Quicktime or similar Plugins for embedded videos
AcademyLive (optional) In conjunction with the AcademyLive cluster during use. In conjunction with the AcademyLive cluster during use.

X-CELL AG reserves the right not to continue to support browser versions and iPad models older than three years, or browser and / or browsing versions as well as iPad models, which are no longer supported by the manufacturer.

*At the earliest six months after the publication date

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